Shipping & Returns


If you receive a damaged package on delivery from UPS, please note the damages with the driver and open the package in front of the driver if possible.  If you miss that opportunity, notify us immediately so we can begin the claims process.  UPS will want to see the box damage, as well as the packing materials.  If your item is wrapped with packing corners or padding, please photograph that before unwrapping further.  After 10 working days, we can no longer accept a claim for damaged goods.


We cannot accept returns on any of our custom made products. They were made specifically for your vehicle, so we have no way to resell those items.  If your vehicle was modified without your knowledge, we will do our best to work with you to find a solution, but it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to know what they have in their vehicle. 

If there is a return due to an error on Sewfine’s part, we will correct that issue promptly.  This does not include errors due to vehicle modifications or incorrect vehicle information.

We try to be flexible about items missing or incorrect 3-6 months after delivery, knowing that restoration projects take time and you do not always know about these issues until later.  But, after 3 months, we have no way to track your items in shipping, so that is the limit for lost, damaged, or missing items.  The last shipment we send you will have a detailed packing sheet listing your items and which box they are packed in.  Please retain this list for reference as you unpack your order.


All Sewfine made products are guaranteed for materials and workmanship.  Product fit problems due to incorrect vehicle information, improper install, or incorrect color choices are not warranted.

We install our products on a daily basis, so we do know our patterns fit correctly.  If you are having a fitting issue, we would like to see some pictures of the problem and a detailed explanation so we can help figure out the problem. We would like to see the foam padding, burlap, and silk wrap for seat cover issues


Ultimately, it is the customer’s responsibility to know how to install the items they order, or have a professional install them for you.  Our products are made the original way VW manufactured their products, so installing them is simply a reverse engineering of the product coming off.

We do have extensive install tips on our website.  Be sure to look at items for other vehicles than your own because the process is usually the same for all vehicles.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS: a phone call can usually get an answer quickly.

We do not always have an installer available to talk you through more serious issues.  Please email these to us at, including pictures, both closeup detail as well as a larger overall view, as well as an explanation of the issues.  We will try to get an answer for you, but sometimes it is just too difficult without seeing and touching the vehicle.

IF YOUR INSTALLER HAS QUESTIONS: It is extremely difficult for us to answer questions from other installers; egos often get in the way with us trying to tell an installer how to do his job.  If they have accepted your project, they should know how to do the work they said they can do, so please try to keep questions between you (the customer) and us. An installer should not be charging you for the time we need to spend to walk them through their work.  If it gets to a point that we need to spend more than a reasonable amount of time getting your installer through his issues, we may add a consultation fee of $135/hour.  Please remember that it is so easy for an installer to blame us for poor workmanship and poor fit, but we install these items everyday and know they fit. Technique and finesse is the part that is usually missing, and there is no way to teach that over the phone. These excuses may be just excuses to add charges to their original pricing to you.

We do make mistakes, however, so an explanation of the issue and photographs can easily demonstrate the problem.  90% of fit issues are just installation errors.