About Sewfine

Carol Werner


Mike Rich


Logan Kinney


Our History

40 Years ago, Sewfine Interior Products was the originator of custom, made-to-order interior kits for the Volkswagen Industry. “It was our original designs that started the graphic interior craze that is still so popular today.” What brought customers to Sewfine was not only the pace-settings styles it had to offer, but also the vast selection of colors and textures. Coupled with the highest quality products possible, Sewfine rapidly became a household name worldwide for Volkswagen enthusiasts. It still remains so today, 25 years later.

So, just what is it that keeps customers choosing Sewfine for their custom interiors? The answer is a combination of factors. The staff at Sewfine are all VW enthusiasts. We have passion and pride about what we do each day. After all, it’s going into someone’s special vehicle. Quality is never compromised. We look after the details you don't think about. We want your personality to show through. We offer a vast selection of colors and textures just so you can express yourself through your vehicle. We know that keeping a consistent, interesting color scheme throughout your vehicle makes for a beautiful, harmonious interior that is bound to keep the compliments coming.

Our focus has always been quality, style, colors, and details. That will never change. We are resolved to maintain this position, even in today’s marketplace, which seems to be compromising quality and choice for price. You can count on us for the quality and workmanship you would expect from a hand-made product. We find the discriminating customer isn’t easily fooled, and can recognize the differences immediately.