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We will send you 6-8 samples in the mail at no charge! We cannot accept returns because the color is wrong, so be sure to ask for a sample if color is critical. Please visit our website in the “Materials” section for thumbnails of all of our fabrics!

FABRIC SAMPLE BOXES: Sometimes you just need to see everything!  

These samples boxes contain about 95% of our product offering. A few products like convertible and sunroof topping materials are not included. If you need any of these colors, please let us know and we will include them.

Provide us a DEPOSIT OF $70 (plus $15 shipping) , and we’ll send you a sample box out right away.

Return the complete sample box to us and receive a $75 (yeah, that's right) refund, or if you place an order; we’ll apply a $75 CREDIT towards your new order of $300 or more!
Price: $75.00