Retrofit Curtain Rods / Bay and Vanagon

WINDSHIELD #1 Add a Screw Stud at the top corner of the A Pillars, both sides. The center of the curtain is held up by the visors.

WINDSHIELD #2 There is a snap on the windshield curtain that will snap onto a Screw Stud that you will need to add at the top, back edge, of both the Driver and Passenger Door.

WINDSHIELD #3 Add another screw stud down 14″ or 14 1/2″ down from the top (depending on the vehicle). Just line it up with the snap on the curtain.

DRIVER WALL #1 The 2 driver Wall Rods are equal length in a Bay Window. In a Vanagon the forward one is longer. They will be labeled A & B. They should sit just above the window.

DRIVER WALL #2 The 2 rods overlap in the center, so mark this point first, and screw them into the body of the vehicle, the ends will fall into place at the far edges of the windows. Screw those in, as well, after the curtains are added.

DRIVER WALL #3 The long tie back goes in the center of the 2 Driver Wall windows. Add 2 screw studs on either side of center of the tie back THRU the curtains to help hold the curtain tight to the window.

PASSENGER SIDE #1 This rod will be labeled C. When screwing ALL the rods into the bus wall, we like to go THRU the corner of the curtain to keep it in place.

PASSENGER WALL #2 Slide the curtains onto the rod before securing the far end.

SLIDER ROD #1 Our Retrofit Slider rod attaches to the DOOR, not the body. This allows the curtain to slider with the door. Make sure the curtain does not get in the way of the latch when closing! This rod is labeled F

HATCH#1 The upper Hatch Rod is labeled D. The Lower Hatch Rod is labeled E. Screw the rods onto the body after sliding the curtains on.

HATCH ROD #2 The Vanagon Hatch rods will have holes screws in the center. Put the 2 white spacers behind the rod before screwing them into the Van. The spacer provides room for the curtain to slide.