Retro Fit Curtain Rod Installation

  1. Start on the pass rear curtain rod. This rod will be set approximately 1 inch  above the rubber seal at the top of the window.
  2. The drivers side curtain rods are a 2 piece setup which will overlap in the center with a screw going through the front and rear rod. Again this will be approximately 1 inch above the rubber seal at the top of the window.
  3. Last is the rear hatch rods. You will start with top hatch rod. The Vanagon models have 2 sharply bent ends that will fit inside the metal right next to the defroster wires. See attached pictures for reference. There is a provided spacer to go in the center of this rod to offset the rod away from the hatch. There is a ¾ inch screw for going through the spacer.
  4. Once you have the top hatch rod installed, install the hatch curtains onto the top rod and let them hang down. Now you will see the bottom hem on the hatch curtains that the bottom hatch rod will slide through. The bottom rod will install with 3 screws just like the top rod. With a ¾ inch screw in the middle with a spacer. The center screw goes into the metal just above the rear hatch door panel.

You have received:  12 ea- ¾ inch screws

2 Spacers, Vanagon Only

The Driver side uses 1 ea ¾ inch screw in the middle, and 1 screw at each end

The upper hatch uses 2 ea ¾ inch  screws at each end

The lower hatch uses 2 ea ¾ inch screws at each end

Vanagon models use ¾ inch  screws in the center with the spacer

Replacement Rods: There will be a small letter marked at the end of each rod:

  1. Driver wall right behind the Driver bucket seat
  2. Driver wall at the rear (overlaps at center with A)
  3. Passenger Rear beyond the Slider door
  4. Upper Hatch
  5. Lower Hatch
  6. Slider Rod

If you have a bungee kit, cut the elastic to desired length.  Hook each end into the provided clip and crimp it shut.  Screw thru the hook into the lower window at desired location.  Top hatch rod pictures shown on passenger side