'74-'75 Seats

These seats are USUALLY found in 1974 - 1975 buses

  • These have backrests that are tapered upwards; narrower at the top.
  • The passenger seat usually has an OPEN Backrest
  • The passenger seat usually has a hook that is used to attach to the passenger back wall.
  • These seats look just like the 77-79 bus seats, except for the Passenger open back.
  • The passenger seat is FIXED to the base, and can move forward or backward one notch.
  • The driver seat is mounted on a slider system that allows the seat to move forward or backward
  • The seat bottom cover attaches on the underside with a plastic (or cardboard) strip that tucks into a groove
  • There are some early 76 models that have these same seats, but there should be a bulk head wall behind the seat.