49-64 Bug Front Seat Backrest Installation

A 30 year time proven pattern, a perfect fit every time!

As a courtesy, we have provided a pictorial of this installation in a vehicle in our shop. We have been installing our product for over 30 years as a constant assurance to our valued customers that our products fit perfectly. If you are having problems installing our product, you may wish to consider hiring us or another professional installer for assistance.

We are demonstrating an early bug seat frame (58-64), but this process applies to other year frames as well

Spray adhesive to both foam and burlap

Hog ring the foam lip to the springs to achieve a rounded edge.


Wrap burlap wrap to the back side of the frame


The burlap holds the frame securely in place. Without it, the seams on the top edge of the frame will not fit correctly.

Add silk wrap over the foam for a slippery surface

Pull the cover down as far as possible…Pull HARD!!

Mark the center